Property Department
Joint Office

The main activities and responsibilities are to oversee the process of verification and reconciliation of ex-Church property as established by the Ecclesiastical Act of 1992, as well as managing all the aspects involved in the registration of Government property, including data capturing.


  • Undertakes the verification and reconciliation of ex-Church property.
  • Ensure that all immovable assets belonging to the Government are protected by accelerating the process of property registration and reduce the risk of such property being lawfully misappropriated by third parties.
  • Ensure that the process of registration of Governemnt property is performed as established by the legislation / regulations in this regard.
  • Ensure that all the data, maps and documentation relevant to the business of the GPD is accurately captured within the system and / or updated accordingly.



Perit Duncan Mifsud



Perit Duncan Mifsud graduated with honours in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Malta and subsequently obtained his professional warrant to practice as a Perit.  He has recently finalised a Masters Science degree in Sustainable Development with a particular specialisation in sustainable land and property management.

As a student, he was always active in representing the students.  In fact he was an active member of the Education   Commission within the University Student's Council (KSU) and for three consecutive years, he was elected among his fellow students to represent the architecture students on the Architecture Faculty Board.

Upon graduating as an architect he joined the Civil Service as a trainee junior architect at the then School Buildings Unit within the Education Department. He was eventually assigned to the Joint Office and later to the Estate Management Directorate (both forming part of the Government Property Department) and rose to a junior architect, architect, and later as a senior architect on April 2009.

In November 2013, following consultation with the Church Authorities, Perit Mifsud was appointed as Director-Designate Joint Office, within the Government Property Department, Office of the Prime Minister and in June 2014 he was appointed Director Joint Office. His main function is to administer the property transferred to the State by virtue of an agreement entered into between the Holy See and the Government of Malta on the 28 November 1991.


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